2020 Weekly Webinar and Nightly Update - Archive Access

Unprecedented access to Jan 1 - July 31, 2020 recordings

  • Recording of weekly live webinars in which Dale reviews the action and analysis of divergences

  • 7 months of recorded webinars through July 2020. That's 30 events over 40 hours

  • 7 months of the archives of nightly updates through July 2020, over 100 videos. These short videos recap the day and provide timely insight into Dale's trading strategy.

Here's a Nightly Update recording example


"A short note to say thank you for what you have taught and what I have been able to learn from your simple pattern. ..... has been a very good year thanks to you. I am still amazed at how often the pattern will appear time and time again. As you preach just patience."

Lud Mayles
“5 times my money.....it's just business as usual”

"“...you were right, and thanks.....I sold at end of yesterday because I knew I would be in and out of the office today and couldn't watch the tape. So, I got "stuck" with only 100% gain..!” "

C.V. Trader
“So, I got "stuck" with only 100% gain...

Incredible insight into how Dale uses his strategy to:

  • Quickly and Confidently pick winning trades
  • Find and confirm the time frames
  • Use Divergence Analysis and Options to Maximize your Profits
  • Create a repeatable process
  • Determine the right strike and let option leverage work for you
  • Learn how to let the profits run and Carry you to Insane Profits

Unlimited Acess to 7 months of 2020 indepth analysis using the MACD divergence - list price $329 YOU PAY ONLY $179


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