Tuesday September 12, 2018 - nightly update and tweets

Sep 13, 2018

TWEET 10:39am "For short term traders of SPY for expiry today, the VXX 2 min chart had a perfect “W” price & upside divergence at 10:06 today & SPY has the exact opposite pattern! That’s what I teach & the put options entry point was at the 2nd price top @ 10:06, when the divergence was there!"

Tweet 10:50am "The SPY 288 puts were up 4X(300%) from 10:06-10:36, just 30 mins time, due to the perfect validation from VXX! 287.5 & 287 puts also up about the same %!:

TWEET 11:30am "Did you notice the 5 min VXX pattern again at 11:30? Note how many of those high flying stocks like AMZN, FB, AAPL, NVDA, etc had patterns to validate the moves in SPY & QQQ indexes. Once again today, SPY puts were up 500%+ from 11:30-Noon! This is exactly what I explained before"

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