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“Less Is More. Do you want to do 20 trades and break even or 1 or 2 trades and makes 500-1000%? I teach a "simple" process! The patterns, like the glaciers falling into the ocean, come to those who WAIT & know what to look for in advance" 

Dale Wheatley, Founder The Options Hunter


Join SharpShooter and you'll learn how to

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Master Trader Mentality

Learn how to avoid the mistakes losing traders make and adopt a winners mindset.

Employ a Repeatable MACD-based Strategy

Imagine investing if you knew all the odds were in your favor. Never again would you miss an opportunity because you waited or held on to a loser far too long.

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Maximize Your Learning

Every element of your learning experience can be put to the test in the highly liquid options markets.

Use Leverage

Learn how to use the power of leverage to maximize your gains and absolutely limit risk.

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Enhance Your Skills

Learn how to pick your own low risk high potential entry and exit points like the pros.

Consistently Plan Every Trade

Make decisions based on what you should do rather than what your emotions tell you to do. Identify the moment and know exactly what needs to be done.

Plus you'll receive

16 Nightly Video Updates 

4 times a week Dale records a 10-15 minute market recap on the day and outlines future possible set-ups

Exclusive Yahoo Members Chat Area 

Private YAHOO chat group for subscribers only to exchange ideas and ask questions

4 Weekly Live Webinars

These 90 minute sessions are recorded and are your primary environment for learning Dale's strategy. 

and this bonus

Physics of the Market

Dale shares his strategy for making huge percentage returns in less time. Dale provides in depth explanations of the charts and strategies he uses in his personal trades. No black box secrets here, this master teaches you how to get consistent, repeatable results by focusing on specific aspects of market moves, and how to zero in on the conditions you are looking for before making a trade.

We look forward to having you join us on the road to options trading success.


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