Expiration Friday

Join me and my senior traders with my Expiration service.


Options provide a life changing Opportunity

Wall Street is run by really smart marketers and over the last decade the options market has exploded. These guys figured if traders like trading options monthly then traders are going to love trading options that expired weekly…… and darn …they were right.

The right pattern, the right time frame with the correct divergence can turn these seemingly worthless contracts into megastars.

Apply the process…the results will take care of themselves! Remember though, Expiration Friday is not a passive watch and learn but more a work and do. My senior traders are watching a set list of potential tickers for setups ALL THE TIME.


Incredible returns to be made on expiration day

There’s no time premium left by Friday and many options trader have resigned their out of the money options to that great trash pile of worthless trades and are already looking for the next losing trade. Their loss is our opportunity.

Here is an example of an out of the money option on the VXX that gained 560% in a single day. These types of returns occur on a regular basis.

                 Anatomy of a Divergence


September 21, 2017: The divergence was a classic setup on daily charts on Airline stocks

September 25, 2017 things were moving and those OTM options were locking in great gains. The Options Hunter tweet again reiterating the strength in airlines.

October 3, 2017 the OTM options had gained thousands of percent.

One Day Pass - $249 $179

One Time Expiration Day with Dale Wheatley. Live Analysis throughout the Trading Day

Friday June 19, 2020

"….I just wanted to send you a note to say how truly grateful I am for what you do. This last Friday’s class clarified so very much of the nuances that can go misunderstood but are the difference between making a fortune and loosing one’s money, that what you did for myself and the class by having these Friday expiration classes is something no one has ever done for me not even close. I learned so very much that I am still reveling in the fact that I get to be a part of. I just want you to know that you are changing my life in ways I never imagined and it’s almost as if saying Thank you just doesn’t really explain how truly grateful I am for your teachings!!…..”"

Kristen King

"Happened again this morning after the open. GLD 5 minute weak UsDiv but lower showing the power to push up. 117C .05 out at .26. Not a pattern for any long time just in and out. But 5 times my money is something I may have dreamed of and been somewhat skeptical when I started with you. Now it is just business as usual."


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