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Hi, I'm Dale Wheatley and I struggled for years before uncovering a reliable way of making consistent money trading the markets

Main Street Not Wall Street

Since you discovered this page I can only assume that you and I have  shared some of  the same challenges.
I'm not a Wall Street guru. I use to work as a contractor for the phone company (at a time when people only had home phones). As a contractor the projects and money were very inconsistent but my expenses weren't and budgeting was a constant challenge. I needed money and being a landlord has never been my thing so I turned my focus to the markets.

4 Step Approach to Trading Success

You have probably done the same as I did....... read all the books and attended numerous courses, but the trading didn't improve. After the countless hours of books and courses, I finally started to analyze my own trades. That's when I discovered a 4 step approach that produces reliable, consistent and substantial returns.

   The Indicator

This versatile indicator can be applied in a number of trading systems but the real power is achieved when the MACD diverges from the price action.


   Price Pattern

There are many price patterns that traders use, including cup and handles, head and shoulders, flags and pennants. I'm only interested in one type of pattern, V-Shaped double tops and double bottoms.


A double top or bottom with V-shaped divergence on one timeframe, like a daily price chart is a good indication that prices may reverse. Confidence improves when the divergence and price pattern take place simultaneously over multiple timeframes.


All the elements are aligned and this step is key to trading success. Our Option Trading Strategy is based on the use of out of the money options. These options provide the opportunity for some insane returns. We scour the market for these options with relatively good liquidity and open interest.

This a screen shot of an actual subscriber trade. These type of returns can be found on a regular basis day in and day out, particularly in these volatile times.

Purchased 1000 49.50 Calls of FSLR at a little before 10 am costing .01. Out at .69 at 11:55 following the 5/10 min charts.

Here's another trade

CRM looked good to me (not perfect but met the rules I thought) bought the 135 C for .01 out at .25.

  • Trade like a Pro
  • 4-step simple approach
  • Consistent returns
  • Free video Lesson

Free video lesson


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