Private Coaching

Join me for one-on-one sessions via private webinar, limited openings available first 2 weeks  November 2022


As your Coach, I fit the training to your needs

  • I’ll show you how to find setups you can trade easily and with total confidence.

  • Get the EDGE that everyone is looking for. 

  • Ready to start winning? I'm here to help you take control of your destiny and achieve trading success

  • Whether you want to trade options like a day trader, swing trader, or longer term I can show you how to trade using the MACD divergence and chart patterns.

  • Plus the right options and what to look for before making a trade


What you get with my one-on-one coaching

  • Private One on One training with follow up support for two months. I train via private Zoom webroom remotely
  • You will learn everything I have learned over the 40 years of options trading, and everything that I use daily. Nothing is held back. There is no down the road advanced course. By the end of the training you will know exactly which patterns to trade, when to enter & how to enter the option position
  • I only take on a limited number of traders in any year in a one-on-one session so individual attention is guaranteed.


We all received training for our current job

When I was in telecomms I was fully trained by professionals and I had a mentor who helped me hone my skill.

With my Option Hunter Coaching I'll provide the same step-by-step guidance necessary to become a successful trader using my option trading strategy 

Is this a get rich quick course?

Learning to trade successfully takes work and dedication. I will help you along this path but you must meet me along the way and promise to practice and hone the skills I'm teaching you. Only then can you develop into the trader you have always envisioned.

Just like every worthwhile venture, there are basic skills and a specific process that must be learned in order to achieve the results you expect.


Frequently Asked Questions?

Will coaching be useful if I am new to options trading?

Yes! We do recommend you have an understanding of basic options trading, but we don't use complicated options strategies. Coaching will save you time! 

How long is each session and is it private?

Every session is in one hour segments and in a private one-on-one session in a Zoom meeting. The recordings are stored securely on our Vimeo server and only shared with you. They are never shared publicly.


How often should I have a session?

Some people choose to have one hour session a day others run several sessions together  If you are looking for follow-up sessions and are less active, then you can do a session every 2-3 weeks.

How many sessions will I need?

Everyone is at a different level and learns uniquely and at a different pace. We usually recommend the minimum 5 hours of sessions. You can buy additional hours if required. 

Private Coaching

with the Options Hunter founder, Dale Wheatley via private webinar.

We'll call you to arrange the date after placing your order.


The hourly rate is $475

Ready to book your 5 hours or you want to book less than 5 hours? Call sales on 1-800-332-2999


Reserve my 5-hour Coaching ONLY $1900 - save $475 on our hourly rate Reserve my 1-hour Coaching ONLY $475 Reserve my 2-hours Coaching ONLY $950

Do you have any questions about our coaching sessions?‚Äč

Please reach out and we will help you

Call us 1-800-332-2999 or +1-775-530-0969

E-mail [email protected]


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