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MACD Pinpoints Divergences for Consistent Extraordinary Returns  using Out of the Money Options


Show Me a Video that Will Vastly Improve My Option Trading

What You'll Learn

Ordinary Indicator Extraordinary Returns

This one well-known indicator has a less well-known use that we exploit ruthlessly at the Options Hunter

Consistently and Successfully Trade Options

This key trait is essential to be Successful in any Endeavor.  Do you have the Core Qualities to be a Successful Trader? 

Smart Options Traders Develop this Mindset

Traders who are mentally tough aren’t smarter, or more talented or more  intelligent but they are more consistent

I'm no Wall Street Guru
I'm a Main Street Guy

As an options trader, I'm sure you and I have shared some of the same challenges.

I used to be a contractor for the phone company (at a time when people only had home phones). As a contractor the projects and money were very inconsistent but my expenses weren't and budgeting was a constant challenge. I needed money and being a landlord has never been my thing so I turned my focus to the markets.

This Little Known Option Trading Strategy Generates Extraordinary Returns

Learn How You Can Trade The Way Dale Wheatley Does

In this recent interview, I shared insights from my 40 years of trading experience, I emphasized the crucial role of discipline, focus, and above all, PATIENCE in achieving success with options trading.


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