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On our FREE Quick Start Training Course, learn the key trait the Pros use to consistently and successfully trade options, the mindset options traders need to have and how we use an Ordinary Indicator in Extraordinary ways. Six mini-videos to get you started to options trading success.

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Private Coaching

$1,900.00 USD

Private One on One training with follow up support for two months. I train in person in Orlando, FL You will learn everything I have learned over the 40 years of options trading, and everything that I use daily. Nothing is held back. There is no down the road advanced course.&nb...

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Physics of The Market

$79.00 USD

Sir Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion simply states that a body in motion stays in motion until something interrupts it or a body at rest stays at rest until something puts it into motion. The MACD measures the inertia or momentum of stock price movement similar to Newton’s law.

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Live Seminar

$1,495.00 USD

Spend two days immersed in options Both days are completely live charts all day, so we recommend you bring your computer with you. It’s like no other seminar, no dreary 200 page seminar manual with pages of printed charts and notes. This seminar is all about you and interacting with you...

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Live Weekly Webinar and Nightly Update - archive access

$329.00 USD

Access to the recordings of every weekly live webinar from January to July 2019, 30 sessions and over 40 hours of analysis. PLUS every nightly update for 7 months.

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Overall Market comments and individual stock analysis and review. Just for signing up we'll send you  Free 4 Laws for The trading the Markets