Live Trading Hours Zoom with Dale July 2023



Focus on SPY and QQQ Expiring Every Day


Now we can pick any day of the week for expiration dates 

  • Before Mid-November 2022, we could only trade QQQ and SPY options contracts that expired on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays. Now we can pick any day of the week for expiration dates on QQQ or SPY options. 

  • Most stocks have option expiration dates each Friday. Due to high trade volume and demand for QQQ and SPY options contracts, market makers have expanded offerings to give traders more flexibility.

  • That means more out-of-the-money options with little or no time premium every single day.

What to Expect

  • I'm willing to spend several hours over a couple of days with traders who struggle to pull the trigger!
  • I'll help you to recognize the pattern on the UVXY no matter how low the time frame and see if the SPY, QQQ & IWM show the opposite.  
  •  I'll show you in Real Time how to take advantage of these great trades, but only for those who have the time to focus and participate! during the trading days when these great trades occur!
  • I don’t have any control over WHEN the pattern
    occurs! I only know the WHAT to look for! If it happens that it is short term 2 min -30 min time frames and that’s what can produce 1,000% or more with confidence, then so be it!
  • Therein lies opportunity! I'll guide you so you'll be ready to make that FIRST option trade! 

When Where and How

July 12 - 13 2023 at 10am eastern until ??

Dale's private Zoom room

Open to a limited number of serious options traders ready to commit 

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We'll work together to get you ready for that first option trade


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