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Learn How Physics and The MACD are a Perpetual Profit Machine


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Let Science Boost your Trading

Special Pricing Regularly $149 but Available for a Limited Time Only at $79

60 Minutes to a Scientific Understanding of the Markets

Sir Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion simply states that a body in motion stays in motion until something interrupts it or a body at rest stays at rest until something puts it into motion. The MACD measures the inertia or momentum of stock price movement similar to Newton’s law. We leverage a lesser known interpretation of this indicator to maximize returns. In this premium seminar video, we reveal how, and what you need to do to make this a part of your trading discipline.

Dale shares his strategy for making huge percentage returns in less time. Dale provides in-depth explanations of the charts and strategies he uses in his personal trades. No black box secrets here, this master teaches you how to get consistent, repeatable results by focusing on specific aspects of market moves, and how to zero in on the conditions you are looking for before making a trade.

Replace confusion and procrastination with a single-minded targeted action plan

1. Traders biggest mistakes
Too many traders trade too often and too fast.  In Physics of the Market, you'll learn our approach and how with training and dedication you can experience amazing results without having to trade all the time. 

2. Leveraging with the right options
With our Physics of the Market, you'll learn one straightforward trading approach and how it can be applied for all trading time frames for months to minutes. There is no guesswork or complicated condors, spreads strangle or straddles. We identify a specific option call or put with a specific price and that's how you can fully leverage your money.
3. Self Reliance
We'll teach you to recognize what really makes the price move before it happens. You'll have the confidence to execute the trade, focus on the details and achieve consistent profits.

4. Learn the Mental skills to be a "Real Trader"
Physics of the Market will teach you our trading mindset; an essential to be a successful trader. A trader who is Disciplined, Organized, Focused, Patient, Independent and Confident.

" I'VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE WHAT DALE TEACHES. “I’ve never seen anything like what Dale teaches. I’ve never seen a time when he was wrong. Using Dale’s method, I made 13.2x my money (1,220%) on QQQ puts on 6/9/17. The week before, on 6/1-2/17, I made 21.5x (2,050%) on CELG calls”"

David D

"I AM NOW CONFIDENT IN MY ABILITY TO SEE THE RIGHT PATTERNS... The greatest benefit I have received from this experience is a better understanding of the trading method that Dale has been teaching. ..... I am more confident now in my ability to see the right patterns forming and understand when it’s time to take action. "


Replace Confusion and Procrastination with a Single-minded Targeted Action Plan

You'll learn how to apply the process…THE RESULTS TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES

  • How the right pattern, confirmed divergence and multiple time frames can lead to big gains
  • You'll learn exactly what to look for and what to do when you see it; IT'S LIKE WRITING YOURSELF A PAYCHECK
  • If you find complex analysis and strategies confusing, then this straightforward method is for you
  • Learn how you can use the MACD divergence to generate PRODIGIOUS RETURNS CONSISTENTLY

Let Science boast your Trading

Special Pricing Regularly $149 but Available for a Limited Time Only at $79


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