Fed Day Move Predicted


SPY and VXX 5 minute chart at 2.45pm Eastern

I clearly explained what to expect when the Fed is going to act!

I look for chart patterns, same as always!

The VXX had a clear upside divergence at 2:45pm EDT that led to every major market selloff! The SPY made 15 times + your money.  

Brilliant, if I say so myself!! Absolutely incredible!!! 

 Returns on IWM puts did the best but even the SPY did well. Here's the SPY 485 puts that expired January 31, 2024. When the divergence was clear on VXX and SPY, the puts were around 10c. By the last 10 minutes of the day they were trading near $2!! 


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I'm not a Wall Street guru. I used to work as a contractor for the phone company (at a time when people had home phones) and as a contractor the projects and money were very inconsistent but my expenses weren't and budgeting was a constant challenge. I needed money and being a landlord has never been my thing so I turned my focus to the markets.

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" THANKS AGAIN FOR THR KNOWLEDGE IMPARTED... Just wanted to report a 1000% return on the SPY 192 puts on Friday. Identifying the right chart pattern on the LTFs with added patience were the key elements. Thanks you again for the knowledge imparted."

Nan Kanhai

" AFTER LAST NIGHT ANYONE TRADING TODAY SHOULD BE VERY VERY SATISFIED "I think you made it very clear last night that it is the pattern and nothing else. With all of the pre-market talk a rout was expected. Damn the market did not fall apart. In fact the SPY 2 minute had a clear PATTERN. The 216.5C were .04 and once the power went out around 11:50 time to sell .49. As you explain and explain and explain and explain …… only a few symbols and when you see the pattern act. After last night anyone trading today should be very, very satisfied."

Chris Newton

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