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Hi, my name is Dale Wheatley

I'm also known as The Options Hunter. I realize that when most people hear the term "1,000 percent return," they automatically assume it is a scam. However, 1,000 percent-plus returns are common when you learn to trade out-of-the-money (OTM) options.

These significant returns can happen in just a few days or even hours. Such extraordinary returns are not limited to one specific stock or ETF. For example, all the major index options including:

 - SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY)  
 - PowerShares QQQ Trust (QQQ)
 - iShares Russell 2000 Index Fund (IWM)
 - Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLE) 

have seen multi-1,000 percent returns in short periods. Many related stocks and options, also frequently experience similar returns.

 When you buy options, your risk is limited

to the amount of money you invest plus any small commission you may pay to buy the options at your chosen brokerage, but your potential percent return is unlimited.

To understand the power of these returns, consider that most banks currently pay less than 1 percent APR on CDs and far less on savings and money market accounts in the United States.

It would take 1,000 years to earn a 1,000 percent return, but inflation would severely erode your purchasing power over that time. In financial circles, the "rule of seventy-two" is used to determine how long it takes to double your money. For instance, with a 3 percent return, your money would double every twenty-four years.

However, with inflation and taxes, your real purchasing power would actually decrease.

No other investment vehicle offers such enormous potential!

Think about waiting twenty-four years to double your money, when OTM options can generate substantial returns in just a few days without losing purchasing power.

No other investment vehicle offers such enormous potential! Practically every day, options can move significantly when their price foundation is jolted into motion by something visible in a chart pattern.

Most people studying fundamentals like earnings, PE ratios, and analyst opinions rarely understand the true factors that move prices.

Information from television, radio, the Internet, or financial publications often seeks to explain price movements based on world events or analyst explanations, but these rarely predict price movements accurately. 

The easiest way to ensure financial health is with high returns and low risks, which come from understanding why prices move..

As humans, we are generally slow to change

For example, it took the NFL many years to mandate the wearing of helmets, despite the clear need for player protection. Similarly, in the early 1900s, San Francisco outlawed motor vehicles due to fear of disrupting horse-drawn conveyances.

People are often reluctant to depart from what has always worked in the past, even when it is not effective. Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.

This is often true in financial trading, where people continue using ineffective strategies instead of adopting new, proven methods..

My journey began as a contractor, traveling the country

and seeking a more stable financial opportunity. I turned to stock trading and eventually found my way to options, which offered limited risk and unlimited potential for gains.

Through years of study, experimentation, and learning, I discovered the value of the MACD indicator for reliable trading decisions.

I concentrated on perfecting my entry and exit strategy using this indicator, incorporating various time frames to enhance its effectiveness.

I began teaching others about my trading style and have since shared my knowledge with people around the world.

"I wanted to share that Dale’s system and methodology really works. You need the disciple to look for the right pattern and then when you see it jump in. In July 2019 I saw this pattern with Boeing (BA). I was monitoring on Thursday and saw that the pattern had formed on the 10-minute chart and bought in at $0.05/per option. Early Friday morning BA took off as the pattern indicated and I made 50x my initial investment. So powerful. Thank you again for teaching this fantastic approach!"

Johanna Stiesmeyer

"Dale. I'm a new member and I want to tell you about my first trade. I was tracking a stock with the ticker symbol VALE. On 10-12-17 I spotted a 4 hr and 2hr divergence with the hourly feeding into it. I purchased 10 options at .13 and a day or 2 later sold for a profit. $100 turned into $738. Played it conservatively just to get confident. Looking forward to turning $1000 into $7000 next time. "


"Think you made it very clear last night that it is the pattern and nothing else. With all of the pre-market talk a rout was expected. Damn the market did not fall apart. In fact the SPY 2 minute had a clear PATTERN. The 216.5C were .04 and once the power went out around 11:50 time to sell .49. As you explain and explain and explain and explain …… only a few symbols and when you see the pattern act. After last night anyone trading today should be very, very satisfied. "

Not armageddon
the day after the election

"Hi Dale,It’s Kristen and I just wanted to send you a note to say how truly grateful I am for what you do. This last Friday’s class clarified so very much of the nuances that can go misunderstood but are the difference between making a fortune and loosing one’s money, that what you did for myself and the class by having these Friday expiration classes is something no one has ever done for me not even close. I learned so very much that I am still reveling in the fact that I get to be a part of. I just want you to know that you are changing my life in ways I never imagined and it’s almost as if saying Thank you just doesn’t really explain how truly grateful I am for your teachings!! You are truly a legend and the results of my trades are beyond my wildest dreams! I just felt that I needed to let you know what you are doing for me is more than I have ever experienced not to mention your wonderful attitude and teaching ability and most of all your continued patience when we are learning how to get to that pot of gold at the end of the tunnel……"

Kristin King

"Yesterday in the afternoon the VXX showed a pattern and I took a VXX 34.5C .09 out 2.99. Your update last night was welcome confirmation regarding what I saw. Thanks again."

Lud Mayles

"Just made a nice profit on VXX puts. This trading system is incredible when you know how to enter. Thank you very much again Dale for sharing this with us. Your patience with us is paying off good sir! Can’t wait for the cruise!"

Matt Teuschel

"Just wanted to report a 1000% return on the SPY 192 puts on Friday. Identifying the right chart pattern on the LTFs with added patience were the key elements. Thanks you again for the knowledge imparted. 9/29/15."

Nan Kanhai

"I’ve never seen anything like what Dale teaches. I’ve never seen a time when he was wrong. Using Dale’s method, I made 13.2x my money (1,220%) on QQQ puts on 6/9/17. The week before, on 6/1-2/17, I made 21.5x (2,050%) on CELG calls."


"Being able to communicate and go over the markets live is a must for anyone who is dedicated to mastering this method. You have the chance to ask so many questions and also go over live opportunities.I would highly recommend this to everyone at some point during their trading careers. The most important thing I learned was keeping a simple mindset and not over thinking. Many thanks to Dale and the Options Hunter team!"


"…you have done it again on the LLL June 95 Puts! Bought OTM this morning and they immediately went ITM for a very quick, respectable profit. I an still very new but the divergence pattern looked very good to me so I took the trade with no hesitation because the hourly was straight down."

Mike Richards

"I have listened to Dale Wheatley’s teaching on his DVD course, and in my opinion, it is the most significant breakthrough in technical trading techniques to predict successfully the direction of the market I have ever come across. Its potential is truly unbelievable! It seems simple, but the actual mastering of his technique using the MACD indicator takes great skill, focus and discipline, and is truly an art form of the highest caliber. I would recommend it highly for anyone. I have taken courses for hundreds and thousands of dollars more expensive, and yet this DVD course is the most valuable I’ve learned in all my years of option training! I cannot recommend it highly enough!"

McCarthy (Mack) Crenshaw Jr.

"…….my subject line to Dale was simply to say “thanks” for the general strategy that he is teaching us with the double tops and double bottoms with the MACD divergence patterns. Because of what he is teaching “in general”, I found this trade this morning."


"I would like to take this Opportunity to Sincerely THANK Dale Wheatley for being the MENTOR, MASTER TRADER and LIFE CHANGER That he is! I enrolled with Option Hunter over a year ago with NO PRIOR trade skill and can say that with the DISCIPLINE and FOCUS over time that trading Dale Wheatleys SYSTEM has Changed my LIFE! Thanks to Dale I CONTROL MY ECONOMY. THANK YOU DALE for all you Do and for being the ROLE MODEL that you are! ​"

Nick Saba


Gary West

"I’ve been trading Dale’s concepts in my trading account this year. since i put on my first trade I’ve averaged about 5% increase in my trading account value per trading day. ​"


"The greatest benefit I have received from this experience is a better understanding of the trading method that Dale has been teaching. We spent extensive time discussing what to look for from the charts. I am more confident now in my ability to see the right patterns forming and understand when it’s time to take action??I would recommend that everyone that is interested in options trading and in the option Hunter group takes this mentoring course."


"A short note to say thank you for what you have taught and what I have been able to learn from your simple pattern. 2014 has been a very good year thanks to you.I am still amazed at how often the pattern will appear time and time again. As you preach just patience. Anyone taking the time to learn to see the pattern will become financially secure and have many Happy New Year’s. Happened again this morning after the open. GLD 5 minute weak UsDiv but lower showing the power to push up. 117C .05 out at .26. Not a pattern for any long time just in and out. But 5 times my money is something I may have dreamed of and been somewhat skeptical when I started with you. Now it is just business as usual. Thank you seems inadequate for what you have shared with us all. I for one am extremely thankful. My wish for us all is a Healthy New Year, your pattern takes care of the Happy."

Lud Mayles

"Guru Dale, I’m a rookie in your class, but paying lot of attention to your details.Last Friday, you did Tweet on downward pressure on GLd,SLW and SLV. I bought hundreds of put in various account. I don’t know how to handle 600%, so I sold it today one of the account (check out timestamp of buy and sold) here is the proof.This is my first ever 600% in my life and I would like to use some of this profit for good cause – I BOW to you. SLW Bought 0.07 SLW Sold 0.42"


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