CVX and XOM hourly divergence on 9/15/20 reaped 500% next morning

Sep 18, 2020

Can't really miss these divergences on the hourly charts of CVX and XOM and picking up the out of the money option before the close on 9/15/20 was perfect timing.

Entry in the last 30 minutes of the trading day as the stocks just started turning up was ideal. The  XOM September 18, 37.5 calls could have been  had for 11 or 12 c. The next day they were as high as 83c. An alert trader could have taken 500% gain, and with over 2500- 3000 contracts trading a day the spread was reasonable.

The CVX September 18, 79 calls could have been had at a similar time to XOM in last 30 minutes of the trading day for 12c or so. By the next day they traded as high as 1.06. Spread wasn't as nice as XOM as volume was 300 - 500 contracts but again 500% gain was easy to make.


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