Monthly MACD Divergence on Retail Sector shows the Way

macd macd divergence Jul 29, 2020

In spite of the bad news on retailers, I see many with strong monthly MACD chart divergences: BBBY, which I showed weeks ago in class & also LB, BGFV & many others. How can YOU find these before they begin their strong up moves? By doing exactly as I teach!

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MACD Divergence shows the Way. It ain't rocket science,

macd macd divergence Apr 16, 2020

So, I'm sure there are many options traders, who are now at home and work, maybe even have a full house of family members. My commitments used to disqualify me from doing intraday options trading, not anymore, now I'm trading on intraday charts looking for MACD divergences and double tops and bottoms like the Options Hunter does. 

I'm no Dale Wheatley, I'm still learning and cautious with my trades but I can tell you for a fact that this strategy works for me, it really does. The daily chart of BA had a strong MACD up that really gave the confirmation of the 5-minute divergence Dale looks for.

He tweeted this yesterday. Those calls really took off. It was on 5 minute bars so we knew it wouldn't last forever. I'd have exited when the price pulled back around 10:45 but that's me being conservative. Could have stayed the course for the real MACD turn down later in the day.

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Bullish MACD Divergence on VXX means Markets are Headed Down

macd macd divergence Mar 27, 2020


This is a daily chart with a clearly defined UPSIDE DIVERGENCE on VXX, the Fear Index. The time between the first price bottom to the second one, when the divergence occurred, was approximately one month, from late Jan through late Feb 2020.



That suggested the up move in VXX and down moves in the major markets and component stocks should last approximately 1 month before the MACD begins to stabilize. Around March 18-20, 2020.


The lower time frames on VXX started showing MACD rolling over and some Downside Divergences, the SPY, QQQ, IWM, XLE, SMH, XLF and most major component stocks then began showing  UPSIDE divergences

producing huge returns on OTM calls.






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1000% Return on WMT Calls

macd macd diveregnce Mar 19, 2020
The Options Hunter Tweet summed up
todays action on Walmart
Check out these 1000% gainers in one day
on March 20 WMT options
Monday's hourly chart on WMT with 
strong upside divergence on MACD
indicating prices should be at $109 or higher
Wednesday's hourly chart on WMT with 
MACD divergence prices exceeded $109 by a tad 
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Nice doubletop and downside divergence on XLP daily charts

Nice doubletop and downside divergence on XLP daily charts picked up some Oct 11 60.5 puts for 21 c MACD says price sb around $60 or below. Oct 1 bid/ask spread .27 .28 so looking good so far. Oct 2 looks like this has hit a bottom and bouncing some, im exiting at .57c 250% gain. gotta love options.
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Bearish Divergence + DoubleTop on HD Where Doers get More Done

HD was looking quite extended with double top in place, MACD says price should be around $212, took some August 30 210 puts at 30c. Aug 23 p 150% on this one so far watching this closely and got out at 60c as its stalled some, a nice 100% gain.
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Visa close to a doubletop and MACD divergence down


Visa close to a doubletop and MACD divergence down on Aug 22, 2019. We watched the price action and picked up some Aug 30 170 puts for 25c, Aug 23 took less than a day to pan out we bailed at 1.11 for over 400% gain. Further OTM options would have yielded even more gains.

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MACD Divergences and Double tops and bottoms. Just work together.

divergence macd Aug 09, 2019

Some stocks seem to have a knack for MACD divergences and double tops and bottoms. Boeing is just such a stock. In this video we explore the last 10 months daily price action on Boeing and look at the effectiveness of the Options Hunter strategy. 

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Bank of New York Mellon double bottom and MACD divergence up

The clean double bottom and MACD divergence indicate prices should be around 44.5.  June 28 43.5 calls for 39c Shot up to 77c a contract next morning, can't beat this pattern. Good double if you held out for a while in the day. Further out of the money options did even better. #doublebottom #doubletop #macd #macddivergence
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BP Double Bottom with Bullish MACD Divergence . Easy 300%

macd macd divergence Jul 08, 2019

BP double bottom with upside divergence MACD on June 18th. Watched this one the other day and when prices kept falling even with divergence up in place we put it the watch list. Bought June 21 40.5 calls at .65c for a quick run up only 3 days until expiration.

June 19th up about 15% so far looking to exit if we get over 41.3 or below 40.9 Was out at .80 after commission if you'd stayed in for June 20th mornings move the option hit 1.54 for more than a double.and On expiration day its was at $2.17 more than 300% up.

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