John Deer DE double top and MACD divergence 700% +

Aug 07, 2019
Interesting chart on DE on July 26, 2019. it had been toying with the top at around $170 for a while and pushing up to it again. The MACD shows we should be down around $165. Not a big move down, bu the Aug 9 expiration 165 puts are at under a dollar so we'll grab a few for a pullback next week.. We took some off the table Aug 1 up about 75% on this trade. Aug 2 closed the remainder at  $7.73 and we are up 700% . Up at $14 today Aug 7, market conditions with the trade war hit DE really hard so not surprising. OTM 150 and 152.5 puts under a dime in July gained even more.

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