Message from Dale Wheatley - I would be delighted to have you join me

Apr 10, 2024
Hi Options Traders,
In a recent interview, I shared insights from my 40 years of trading experience, emphasizing the crucial role of discipline, focus, and above all, PATIENCE in achieving success with options trading using my methods.
 During the interview, we witnessed a remarkable pattern on the Qs that yielded a live profit of 500%. Despite not being the most exceptional pattern or market day, this success unequivocally validates the effectiveness of our approach at the Options Hunter. We even observed the 1-minute bars for a timely exit point based on MACD turn down.
Now, let me emphasize the urgency: from April 22nd to 26th, 20-24, I've reserved my entire schedule to work closely with those of you who are truly committed to seizing these types of trading opportunities during live market hours.
Our sessions in January 2024 were completely sold out, and I want to ensure you don't miss out this time. We intentionally keep these sessions small to foster active participation and ample opportunity for questions during trading hours.
I would be delighted to have you join me for the week starting April 22nd as we collaboratively explore opportunities in ETF options. Remember, volatility serves as our compass.
To secure your spot, simply follow this link
But act fast – seats are extremely limited, and time is of the essence.

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