UVXY classic Volatility Setup

Mar 10, 2023

Look at that second hour of trading on Thursday, a powerful divergence to the upside on UVXY on the hourly chart, indicating Volatility was about to head up, and of course, the markets were going to head down.

By late Friday the UVXY had risen over 50%

That powerful upside divergence on UVXY gives us confidence that the markets like SPY are likely to move lower. Here you can see SPY moved down from the 400 level to 386 rapidly over the 2 days.

The SPY 388 Puts expiring on Friday March 10th were one of many OTM options available that Thursday morning. On Thursday the 8c option rose to around $2. On Friday as high as $3.95.

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Before Mid-November 2022, we could only trade QQQ and SPY options contracts that expired on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays. Now we can pick any day of the week for expiration dates on QQQ or SPY options. 

Most stocks have option expiration dates each Friday. Due to high trade volume and demand for QQQ and SPY options contracts, market makers have expanded offerings to give traders more flexibility.

That means more out-of-the-money options with little or no time premium every single day.

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