Fed Day Slam Dunk Options Trade - I saw it coming

Feb 03, 2024

 “Pay attention” to the short-term charts for “The Pattern” on Wednesday between 1 and 3pm Eastern on SPY 

 Tuesday January 30, 2024 I mentioned  in my live weekly webinar 

Did I call it or what?

SPY 5-minute chart at 11.45am Pacific, 2.45pm Eastern

I clearly explained what to expect when the Fed is going to act! I look for chart patterns, same as always! The VXX had a clear upside divergence at 2:45pm EDT that led to every major market selloff! The SPY made 15 times + your money.  Brilliant, if I say so myself!! Absolutely incredible!!! 

VXX 5 minute chart at 11.45am pacific, 2.45pm Eastern clear divergence up on MACD

Returns on IWM puts did the best but even the SPY did well. Here's the SPY 485 puts that expired January 31, 2024. When the divergence was clear on VXX and SPY, the puts were around 10c. By the last 10 minutes of the day they were trading near $2!! 

SPY 485 puts expiring 1/31/2024 went from 10 c to near $2. 

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