The markets are at a pivotal point - Join Dale live for 2 days

May 29, 2023

The markets are at a pivotal point this summer 

The bear market on the NASDAQ is still in place, the recent rally has been all tech and mostly 8 stocks. 

 The Dow barely hit bear territory and is only 10% from it's previous high.

 Meanwhile, the Russell 2000 is performing much worse. 

 Earnings are all over the map, and geopolitical events are skewing everything, and driving spurts of volatility. 

Can we take advantage of these events?

YES. It's not the events themselves we care about. We want the volatility these events bring to us, and to use our Options Hunter strategy to leverage that volatility.

 This July is your opportunity to be in the midst of events by joining Dale in his Live Trading Hours Zoom session July 12 - 13, 2023 

 Immersive, interactive, and intense, these sessions have been oversubscribed in January and April. Seats have suddenly started to fill up for the July event. We don't want you to miss out.


When Where and How

July 12 - 13, 2023 at 10am

Dale's private Zoom room

Open to a limited number of serious options traders ready to commit 

Limited Seats Low Price Revealed at


Join a small group of like-minded motivated options traders in a unique 2-day Zoom room

Live Trading Hours 

Zoom with Dale 

This is a great opportunity to refine the MACD Divergence techniques Dale teaches. tt's all in the details and Dale was gracious and patient with our questions throughout the 2 days. If you have the time to attend it's well worth it. GS


As traders, we know Options are the best choice when you want to limit risk. In-the-money options can allow us to earn a stock-like return while investing less money and are a useful strategy when you're an investor. 

 With The Options Hunter strategy, we use out-of-the-money that can make far greater returns. That's why we're extending this invitation to join us for 2 days.


It was like a light went on when Dale was explaining the change in direction of the UVXY. The way the change in direction signals the move in SPY in the framework of the divergences is crucial to timing trades. HT

What to Expect

  • I'm willing to spend several hours over a couple of days with traders who struggle to pull the trigger!
  • I'll help you to recognize the pattern on the UVXY no matter how low the time frame and see if the SPY, QQQ & IWM show the opposite.
  • Therein lies opportunity! I'll guide you to get through to the FIRST option trade!   
  •  I'll show you in Real Time how to take advantage of these great trades, but only for those who have the time to focus and participate! during the trading days when these great trades occur!
  • I don’t have any control over WHEN the pattern
    occurs! I only know the WHAT to look for! If it happens that it is short term 2 min -30 min time frames and that’s what can produce 1,000% or more with confidence, then so be it!

When Where and How

July 12 - 13, 2023 at 10am

Dale's private Zoom room

Open to a limited number of serious options traders ready to commit 

limited Seats Low Price Revealed at



Invest 5 Minutes and 42 seconds and Dramatically Improve Your Trading Success.